That which soothes falls
from the sky.
Drenched in disdain
Wash away everything
Soothed soaked
Do you feel the strength
blowing through?
Carry the weak,
The light
Collapsed and broken
No guidance in the sky
Only threatening flashes
of light
A display of dominance
Sounds of power.

Oh Mother,
I am sorry
Sorry for the blind
The unappreciative
We remain clueless
Oblivious to the lessons
You strike down
Hammer us with.
Hours pass into days
Surrounded by devastation
Only a passing moment
Do we mourn, pray
Then revert back into
I am sorry
I am not able to
change it
Can change even come to be?
One body One voice
Momentary glances
Momentary listens
Quickly forgotten
We are a focused breed
Focused on selfish desires
No exception here
I am guilty.

Oh Mother,
You have disrupted
Shook the foundation
Nothing will change
Crumble it
Press reset
Though I fail to see
Fail to see a reset
Will bring a different result
Flawed creatures
Will remain flawed
A home built on imperfection
Will be imperfect
Is HOPE worth anything
When the truth is
Isn’t hope the same as denial?


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