A Bug and A Bother

I will never understand
and that’s fine
We are all created so strangely
That’s what makes it all
So very interesting

How can someone approach
Something so beautiful with
The intention to destroy?

She was as pretty as a picture
The paint; bright and vivid
The canvas; sweet and pure

He was charismatic
A tall brooding tower
but inside…
He was far from noble;
Focused on one thing

I can’t blame her
When you’re young
You are trusting
There’s no reason not to be
Until there is a reason

Like always,
I sat back
I watched from afar
Believing in her strength
I would learn later
The heart is a powerful muscle
Sometimes it is misguiding

I saw her light magnify
The smile that could blind
He was playing her
She thought it was love
He had his mind set
On that one thing

She was following her heart
He was following his flesh

I watched from afar
What could I do?
None of my business really
and I could barely help myself
My own troubles were consuming
Watching as a beautiful person
Was destroyed didn’t help my mind
but if I couldn’t save myself
How could I save her?
She was following her heart
No one can argue with that

He got what he wanted
and left her in the cold
I couldn’t stand up to him
I was already on thin ice
Had to fly under the radar
Wouldn’t of worked out well for me anyways
but I would of been able to say:
I was bloodied and bruised
From standing up for what is right

I saw the pain
The heartache in her eyes
My precious friend
Sometimes I saw something more
I wish I was stronger back then
but I was just a troubled kid
Who barely survived my own mistakes
Through fear, I choked
I made the choice to embrace my fear

I hope and pray
All these years later
That she is perfectly happy
That she found her prince charming
She’s one of the few people
That I actually wish
Would cross my path, once again


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