A Falcon’s Flight

You grew wings long ago but you had to fly away
Lovely lady you impressed me and left a lasting mark
I never said it, you’re nest was so far away
A place I loved and it always felt more like home
You’re strong, oh so powerful
I never thought that you could lose a fight
You didn’t need the wings, you soared before
I never thought that your drum would cease
but that deadly disease…

You fought it off like nothing
and you stood tall
That heart of yours was louder than thunder
but lovely lady, you were overcome
and the pain I felt was overbearing
It was all too much for me to witness
I couldn’t bear to watch you dwindle away
So I cried alone in a place I call home
but it doesn’t and couldn’t ever feel like home

The evilness came back to you, stronger for round two
and it knocked you off your feet
As strong as you were, the disease was more
The pulling hand of evil is too powerful
but still you stood and you battled
I heard the stories and I wish that I had made the journey
but it’s simply too little too late
Though I know you’d never hold it against me
Or think less of me

The stories of your life shimmer and shine upon me
In life you were an angel but you had to fly away
Yours may have ceased but my heart continues on
I’m holding on to your strength
I’m holding on to you
The breeze came but you didn’t just lean in
When you flew away it was the only option left to you
Loudly you gave that disease everything you had
You will always be an inspiration

That bright light of yours…
It’s a gift that I cherish

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