A Scythe of Life

Another mourning
I am here, permanently reeling
For and from your reaping
Though you probably cannot hear me
and probably don’t care to
Your sinister slashing scythe swings
Down upon us all, eventually
No real rhyme or reason

When will the air I breathe be cut away?
I would like to know: why?
How do you decide who gets it and when they do?
When we meet will there be a dialog?
Or do you just hide beneath your cloak?

I hear and read different stories daily
The noble and genuinely good are removed
Their families mourn and suffer
but I’ve heard one can only mourn their own
Aren’t we all connected?
My heart burns and breaks for all
If that’s wrong I don’t want to be right
Perhaps mourn is the wrong word…
I do feel for everyone and wonder about all

Reading about a true hero you claimed
and I wonder why must the good be taken?
While the corrupt continue on
The days pass and I watch helplessly
As everything slowly deteriorates
Hearts grow colder, fast approaching below freezing
Skin roughens to that of sand paper
Touch me, my skin is cold
but inside I am on fire

You’re standing before me now
No words are spoken
You lift your hand and slowly pull down your hood
The face of my misdeeds stares back at me
but this is no fun house mirror
Death has come for me and the face that I see
Is my own
Yet altered and disfigured
My features soiled by all my mistakes and evil actions
I am a soul stained
With your palm upward you reach towards me
Your booming replication of my voice commands:
  Your journey is complete, it’s time to go.
  Take my hand.
I stand tall without a second thought, I reply
  No. I am not finished.
  No. I haven’t found it yet.
  I will not leave with you.
Through resistance, a realization overcomes me
He lies, where is the scythe?
and right in front of my eyes
He twists and turns violently before he fades away
Where he once stood, his presence replaced with a shower of light
Blinding and blasting me, bathed in grace
The truth is illuminated
My inner evil once again vanquished
The light and the strength within is valiant
Shown the way by my guardian angel
Lifted by her grace
Another battle won and my spirit shines


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