And Now… Stalker Story-Time!

The sounding nuisance rings
Which triggers footsteps
Is it possible? Love lurks in the shadows
A deranged feeling of love, perhaps
Some may look down on him
Others may turn their noses up
Throwing metaphoric stones
For him this is the closest
He will ever come to love
It’s sad really
I may not know love
but I believe
I strongly believe it lies for all

This odd fellow practices a routine
Under the cover of darkness
He awaits for the clock
To tell him when to depart
He dresses in the same clothing each night
Someone may want to tell him
The stench may give him away
He sits in the bushes outsider her home
The rules, yes there are rules
He yearns to know her name
And he could learn it
but he just watches
Sure he knows parts of her schedule
It’s a federal offense to tamper with anothers mail
He doesn’t call her
In a sick way the whole thing it’s
It’s really rather romantic

I can’t really fault him
I feel bad but
Hey it works for him
“To each his own”, I suppose
Every night he observes her
As she cooks
As she eats
As she watches TV
Okay you are just disturbed
If he doesn’t raid her mailbox
He isn’t going to watch her in the bathroom
Damn, I thought I made it clear
There are strict rules to this “routine”

His approach is admirable
A respectful stalker
I am not perfect
I have no right to judge another
I can empathize with him
Maybe he has a similar mind to my own
I can’t say he is wrong
I can’t label him evil
He is a tad unorthodox
but he hasn’t crossed the line
If someone doesn’t want another
peeking in their windows just shut the curtains
You may not agree with him
but that’s the beauty of it
You don’t have to!
Should he seek professional help?
Maybe but to me it doesn’t help
Paid to listen not paid to care
He isn’t masturbating in the bushes
He doesn’t follow her everywhere
I look at it like this:
It’s not really that different from watching TV

I don’t know what goes on in that
Head of his nor do I pretend to
I can’t speak for him
but it seems like he is doing all right
And you don’t know, she may be aware of him
His actions may offend
but you must agree
That there are far worse people
Amongst us
It’s a shame really
Cause he will most likely be noticed and locked away
While the nation continues to manufacture serial killers
Yes, Manufacture.
Turn the TV on
Between Criminal Minds and CSI
Millions are watching
I don’t even care to know the percentage
That have had the thought.
Nothing can convince someone to kill
It’s something that is already there
Psychosis isn’t learned
It’s part of who you are
If you are psychotic
I do think various forms of entertainment
Are providing ideas and fueling the fire
That burns inside the world’s maniacs
For me, violent entertainment cures the urge to kill
and for him his viewing entertainment
is solely a lovely woman
Going about her nightly routine
I do pray for him
I hope one day he finds
A conventional love
but what is normal?
Do you fit into the definition?
I do not
and he does not.
Rejoice in your abnormalities!


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