Burning To Be Cold

Sometimes I feel invisible
but I know I am noticed
Yeah I saw you with the serial slaughtering smile
Maybe you should keep that to yourself
She walks by and I see the tension
I also see her glancing subtly out of the corner
of those gorgeous eyes
Wish she would speak something
And others I wish would commit to silence
Diarrhea mouthful of nonsense
Shooting shit just for the sake of silencing the silence
If your mouth shoots nonsense is that a reflection
of what lives inside your head?
It’s getting harder to ignore the ignorance
Searching for sense in the senseless
I’m burning inside
The passion of my internal being
has nothing to burn but that which it calls home
Shown a vision of a dead star
the light dies
Is it proper to take that as a sign?
But what would it take for the passion
to fizzle out and leave me frozen?
Focus your icy ways onto me
Hand me hypothermia and heartbreak
Stand with me on the thin ice
Drop the boulder
Leave me to drown
My body will become a popsicle
but my soul will remain warm for you


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