Emoceans (version2)

Inside my head
I am swimming though it feels more like drowning
Rising and sinking through this strange sea
Insignificance and that feeling of smallness fill me
The taste is rotten, the feelings shorten my breath
and my lungs can’t take the weight

All these emotions crash over me like waves,
Each one a polar opposite of the prior
Every time I rise into a swimming motion
You are there, far off in the distance
and it brings me down
The depths are dark and gloomy
Like the chaos within my head
I’m curious of what lingers at the bottom
but I know it could never compare to you

I’m drifting yet stationary
The boat was scuttled and the wreckage
Could never dream of being as patient as I
and as a calming wave brushes up against and around me
You move in front of the sun
and what I see now is the very definition of beauty
Here I linger, longing
For our separate currents to pass in unison
I wish to drift together
Or at least crash into one another

I want to save you from this ocean
I’ll be your drift wood
Take me and use me, willingly I’ll submit to you
There’s no greater purpose than keeping you afloat
I’ll tread this awful water, ready to accept suffocation
It would grant me my only wish
You and I would be together as one, if only for a moment

But darling, you are Pacific and I, Atlantic
My hand doesn’t reach that far
and neither does yours.


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