Happy Thanksgiving! (Gobble and Gone)

I was born and bred for one thing
This day has been a long time coming
And now you are walking this way
I see the shimmer of your blade
Your ritual is known to me
You scan the pen
Looks like today it’s my turn
That evil look in your eyes
Focused onto me
A flick of your wrist
Hey maybe I don’t want to die today
There’s this lovely bird I have been gobbling at
I am so close
Give me one more day
Nope, looks like you are locked in
Although you do have to catch me first
Gobble gobble
You have to be quicker
You big lug
Come on, each gobble is a taunt
Are you going to let me run around
Mocking you?
Come on bring it on
Here look at my long neck
Ripe for the breaking
I gobble as I lift my head up
My snood flaps around oddly
Today you will earn the slaughter
That you take for granted
You are bigger and you have that shiny butcher’s blade
And yet my small bird brain outsmarts you
Humanity was gifted higher thought,
Look at you definitely not a good representative
Humanity as a whole should be ashamed
Why me, look at him he is bigger
He is large fat and juicy
Pick him today
I have things I need to do
I wouldn’t deny you some loving
Why must you deny me?
Oh wait watch out for……that
You got mud on you now
Great you’re pissed
I suppose this is all a waste
An effort in futility
So here I am standing before you
Now you are confused
I have known this is my fate
I was born for this
Well born to be devoured
This has to happen first
So let’s go already
I am a turkey as you say
Take me far from this place
And soon a happy family
Will gather around me
They will savor every bite
If that’s not purpose
I don’t know what is
So Mr Butcher do what you will
Do what you are meant to
So I can do what I am meant to
I’ve had my fun with you
Now you may have your sick fun with me
Don’t just stand there
Off with my head already
Come on buddy
Evading you has lost it’s thrill
It’s far too easy
And then you act
I step towards the shimmering steel
Bright light ignites a flicker of my future
Gobble and gone…


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