I never wanted to leave You
never imagined I would be
torn from You
out of my hands
wasn’t my decision
You are where I belong
I miss Your solitude
Your spaciousness
tranquil innocent
The things we know
the memories
the adventures
You healed me
provide comfort
You were my sanctuary
the enlightenment You showed
the life within You
My Love the only
I wonder if I could ever
find another
I long to hear You
to smell You
to be inside of You
the winding paths
the remnants of stories of old
the stories I know
and that are part of me
I will never forget
an inch one step
not even one sliver
of Your 19
all the ashes I left
all the marks I made
the failures
the triumphs
so many first times
had amidst Your majesty
I always loved You
and will forever
I miss You
I don’t think I could ever
Call another
Refer to another by
Your Name

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. This is one of my favorites of your writings. This is very soothing and memory provoking. Like much of your poetry it’s a wonderful experience to read it. A journey of words.


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