He reigns supreme
His throne dug deep inside me
I have a multitude of options
He pulls
He yanks
I am the torn
He is the fulcrum
Of my seesaw
One of me goes up
One of me goes down
Back and forth
He is the string
I am the spinning circle
The yo-yo
I am his castle
He is both the wizard
and the man behind the curtain
Clicking my heels does nothing
Just a wish
but the shooting star
No longer shoots
It fell to earth long ago
He set his throne
In the crater
If I knew how
I wouldn’t hesitate to chop away the legs
Of his shiny chair
Watch as he falls flat on his face
Smother his precious skin in the mud
Kick him while he is down
Hop off the seesaw
Both of me
Each grab a side and PULL
Yank him sideways
Every which way
Drag his sorry self down the mountain
Through the dirty valley
Across the jagged edges
Through the prickers
Drop him in the ice-cold rapids
Watch as he thrashes
And crashes
And clashes
Fighting for breath
Skull cracked on the rocks
Kick him square in the teeth
Scatter the white pebbles amongst the brook’s bottom
Pick his broken battered body up
Set him upon the seesaw
Catapult his sorry ass to a land far away

Let’s find a place for him
A hole dug deep
Shove him inside
Back the truck up
Spin the concrete and encase him
Don’t feel bad
Don’t leave flowers
He doesn’t even deserve a burial
Let alone a marked grave
Together we banded to rid us all
of his ugly presence
of his ugly torments
Brothers and sisters,
We are now free of him
Rejoice, stand tall
We have murdered indecision
Buried him alive
He cannot return to haunt us
It’s best if we forget him
We are all better off now
Raise a drink to a stronger human race
Who should we kill next?


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