Invalid Imagery

Seems to me that there’s a fine line…
Appears like my strengths are my weaknesses
I know the sky’s the limit
and I’m learning my own limits
I’ve discovered I can’t floor every pedal
The sharp edges of metal
Are dangerous, the shimmer fools

Misled by the image of what could have been
Words form a rope and tighten
but I never meant to suffocate
Following flesh is like believing fairy tales
The words I said, the ones I sent
Never added to the rope
Only the negative words were believed
I’m too good to be true
and I see the worthlessness I once held high
I’m not above, I’m just parallel
No outlet, no crossing
Apparently building a bridge was too much
I’ve set my portion ablaze

Now the smoke has faded
All that is left is a faint longing
but it’s incorrect
I am only seeing what I wished for
Only the illusions that came along

The sun surrendered to the clouds
Thunder crashed and broke through
and the resulting disgust was but a disguise
A blessing, this validation of my strength
While I found myself surrounded by the invalid
I’m able and I know for sure
That I am real
and I’m learning to cease the assumptions

I just have to remind myself
That these images I see every now and again
Are figments of my imagination
I painted the picture
Took hold of the piece and placed it upon the board
My mind created a vivid rendition of my desires
The desperation within took hold
and my emotions decided to play God

It’s not the end
Well not the end of me
Just a stepping stone
Another rung on life’s ladder
I’m taller now, I’m stronger now
I’m learning to alter and adjust things
The faith I have shouldn’t be outsourced
Without a reason, only when there’s a reason
I have a reason, there’s plenty of evidence


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