Loose-Leaf Belief

You seem to believe that you are broken
The past is part of you
but it’s not all you are
I’ll never say you’re broken
I see a work in progress
Yet I believe you to be similar to a masterpiece
I want to see, I want to know
Show me the fragments of your shattered
and hurt heart
Will you allow me to try
and glue it all together?

I can’t promise that I can mend you
Promises are foreshadowings
and I’m unsure of my abilities
I’m not too sure of too much
but I’m positively certain that my heart
Beats differently to you, for you
Give me your hand and I will show you
All the while embracing those enchanting eyes
If you’ll pinch me, I’ll pinch you
So we both know it’s so very real

Let’s wash the past away
I’ll turn to a new page in your book
If you’ll do the same for me
and we will walk beneath the night sky
I’ll watch as you glance up at the stars
but darling I don’t have to look up
I’ve found the only star I wish to gaze upon
There’s plenty of light beaming from you
Whatever universe you reside in
Is exactly the solar system I wish to travel to
Would you mind if I wrote poetry just for you?
I’ll write little haiku’s on the mirror
Scattering sweet smiles all around
Could I please sing you to sleep?
and I’ll drift off afterwards
The simple sight of you at rest
Would ease me, so now please tell me
How would you feel about waking up to me?
Who needs the sun when I’ll be seeing you first thing?
Running my hand through your hair
As we share last night’s dreams…


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