Pro-nouns and Put-downs

You say the children don’t see
They aren’t aware of the difference.
Well there is NO DIFFERENCE
People are people
We are NOT skin tones
We are NOT items
to be categorized filed and dismissed.
Turn the label maker off
Throw it away.
Remove all
the stereotypical
the hateful
the racist
words from your vocab.
Let the derogatory names burn
Ignite love and compassion
Acceptance tolerance
Bring to the front

I want to cut
Cut your tongue out
Every time those words leave your mouth
Sever your lips from your face
All that you speak
Every word every syllable
is pure poison
You are infected diseased
but you don’t see the problem.
Unaware of the hatred you let slip
from your fork tongue
and you have the nerve
to call me a demon?
Are you truly that naive?
Are you really that blind?
You bottom feeder fire breathing

I am so thankful that
I don’t see the world
See the world the way you do
Not one Not a single person
Deserves to be used abused and discarded
We are not objects
You cannot cram anyone into
a one word description.
People are not cars
Lined up in a parking lot
Waiting to be driven to
The End.

This nation was built on the idea
of a great melting pot
Have you forgotten?
or is this news to you?
We all melt blend together
We all bleed
and it’s all red.
The same metallic taste
courses through each of us.
We all return to the earth
become dust in the wind.

but I digress,
Your life your choice
Don’t be surprised when I tune you out
and don’t ask me why.
Don’t be surprised when another comes along
and stomps through your sand castle.
You can’t tell me you enjoy this
Enjoy being itemized.


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