Relations With The Blank Page

Why do you haunt me like you do?
I long to fill you
To capture your attention
To display how I feel
To cut my heart so it bleeds onto you
Finger paint words onto your canvas
Show the world how I detest you
Show the world how I love you

I live to carve into you
I exist to ruin your neatness
You live to torment me
You exist to ruin my sanity
At the same time you provide.
So walk the line
That fine tight rope line
Funny, your finesse
Funny, my frustration
If you could talk
You would mock me
You would shock me
You would toy with me further

You have claws
Long nasty talons
With my abilities you sprout wings
You need this as much as I do
but you can’t say it
but you won’t say it
I don’t even really like birds
They tend to freak me out
I’ve been chased by hawks
but together we are a beautiful black bird
Soaring silently
Apart we fall, violently
United we become more
I need you
I need you
If you could speak
You would say it back to me
but you can’t
so you won’t

I know this relationship is right
Cause like so many others
It’s so wrong
It’s so weird
Within the blender lies
Questionable, dysfunctional, and phenomenal
Like a good cup of coffee,
Just have to find the right amount of each
I never can get it perfect
I never seem to mix it all properly
Though, some days I like it bitter
And some days I like it really sweet
Other days, I don’t like it all

For now, I have silenced you
I have filled you
You now have the ability to speak to another.
For the moment,
You shall leave me
Though, I know the haunting
Will return and captivate me
Arrested by the emptiness
I am a hopeless addict
and you are my drug
My fix
You fix me
You satisfy me
It’s fleeting
but what isn’t?


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