Somewhere Between Light and Dark

I should have known
I should have guessed
Compared you to the sun
I am the ant on a lonely blade of grass
My mind play the part of the child
with a magnifying glass, grinning.

It took all this time
but here I am cursing the sun
I still would die to know your love
and I now realize that would be the only way.
Behind your dark eyes, lies just that.
I have plenty, enough to blanket the planet

I want you. I don’t want you.
I long to see you. I can’t stand the sight of you.
Want to stop wondering but I can’t.
I am stuck on a thread of what-if’s
Wishing you would just look at me
When I employ the cold shoulder method
Is that when you look?
Does the table turn?
Roles reversed
It eats at me, ignoring you
Here on the other side
I still end up torturing myself

Why am I this way?
How am I able to feel your presence
before I lay my eyes upon you?
I have this whirlwind of butterflies inside
And when you don’t look another dies
I carry the thought of you
I am pretty sure the stars are tired
of my wishes
Starting to realize,
I enjoy tormenting myself
Grant me a one day admission to your head
Give me the quick tour
It would be easier to show you mine
After I have seen yours
I feel as if I am imprisoned
The thoughts run in front of my face
I see the world through
the thought bars
And there isn’t much negative space
between the bars
between the lines
When the light shines through the cracks
I am grateful
Whether it’s burning light
or just calming soothing light
Walk on by, darken the door of my cage
I know you don’t hold the key
and that is fine by me
Reach through the bars
Hold my hand in yours


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