Sparkle Seeker

Turn your glance upward
I’m giving this all I have
Watch as I shape the clouds into little notes
Little lovely lists
For you and your reading pleasure
Every word means so much to me
Darling, it’s just the reflection of your meaning
Don’t fret, I’ll know when you read
’cause I will feel the sunlight
In an extra soothing way like the way of your smile
and then I’ll doodle into the fluffy fog
’cause I’ll forget what words are
It’s only the effect of beauty such as yours
So smile sweetly, I want to feel your luscious light
Let yourself shine, let yourself sparkle
Through my eyes your light is everlasting
It seeps into my pores
and burns out the darkness within

I can’t help the feeling
That overwhelming sense of hopelessness
My heart beats a song titled useless
but your shimmer composes a brighter song
If I parted the sea using only my heart
Would you welcome me with open arms?
and if I traversed treacherous territories to get to you
Would you take me by the hand
and speak something pretty just for me?
Anything you have to say would do the trick
because the words you say resonant with beauty

When night falls and the sky is clear
Look up, I have adjusted the stars
I’ve connected them in a pattern just for you
You’ll know which ones by their increased illumination
My heart may feel useless now but for some reason
I strongly believe that you could pump a use
A new meaning into it, into me
If I said it was all I wanted
Would you sit beside me in a field
Stargazing ‘til our clothes are drenched with dew?
With your hand in mine, I believe
I really do think that the entirety of the world would feel correct

What if I shaped the sky just for you?
What if I wrote your name in the sky
So that everyone would know I did it all for you?


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