Strangers and Skeletons

A clanging collision, the sound of fallen beauty
She lays battered but smiles when she sees me
Words muffled beneath her plump punctured lips
I reach down and she braces for another hit
A surprised glance, “it’s chasing me, chasing so fast”
Pushing aside the uncertainty, I put on the mask
A feigning care is better than no care
I pick her up and her eyes erupt like a flare
My every action comes to her as shock and awe
She’s not simply a person with physical flaws
Struggling, I withhold all my questions
We continue onward, only one direction
Sanctuary is all she needs tonight
With a little lie, Girl, it’ll be all right.

I wipe away the tears, blood, and smeared mascara
She cowers and looks away, “My…name is…Clara.”
How can someone be so ashamed
To utter their own name?
Cleansed, her true beauty now shines
Something tells me I should make her mine
but I push that thought away as well
I’ve done enough to insure my ticket to hell
Laid down to sleep it all off
An innocent touch, her skin is so soft
How could anyone hurt her like this?
but then I remember of this world’s darkness

Fast asleep, lost in my own mind
The strange truth of dreams to find
Don’t you know what she is?
A shadow’s cryptic quiz
Truthfully, she has earned every wound,
She’s no flower, there’s no way for her to bloom
She frayed and will be fileted under the moon.
What is this dreaming horror?
You are close, whore is her.
I snap myself awake with a new idea
It only matters how I see her
To my surprise she is wide awake
In her eyes, beaming around her I see fate
“Can you take me by my place?”
There’s no way I could deny that face

She tells me to wait outside
After a few moments, doubt flies
I enter cautiously to find her
It’s strange how I long to be beside her
A scratching sound and a familiar voice
It seems I’ve made the right choice
Shadows engulf the room
A figure enters with a boom
and I know now, that dream was definitely real
He’s here to take her but she’s not his to steal
YOU didn’t heed my warning, she DEFINES deception
A love stung boy like you lacks proper perception.
I’m no boy and she’s not yours to take
  The one who hides in the shadows is fake
  How about you show yourself?
Just take a look around on the shelf
Boy, I am everywhere and nowhere
I’m what has made this lady you find so fair.

Suddenly, her tears fall like rain drops
Surrounding me, growing my feelings like hungry crops
His shape changes under the water around
He intends to drag her further down
and I can’t allow it, I won’t surrender
I have more than just befriended her
So fast, so quickly she is my everything
Despite the mysterious passed wings
With a deep breath, I incite a new conflict
If it’s a disease then surely I am sick
I shove him back behind the closed door
but I couldn’t prevent the whispering before
Her guilt slams through like a new intruder
The past has painfully penetrated her

Consoled, we begin anew
Onward unto days lined true
Because it all doesn’t matter to me
The future is all there is to see


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