The Seemingly Impossible

Won’t you look me in the eye?
Pick one word, just one
Let it fly off the tip of your tongue
Directly into my ear
I’ll burn the sky
’cause I don’t have any use for it
You are as high as I want to fly
So just look me in the eye
Lean in and speak softly
You already have my attention steadied
I’ve affixed the blinders
Tweaked the positioning
In this moment, for these next few moments
You’re all I see
You are all there is
While you stand staring into my eyes
Every breath that I breathe
Is solely to listen to you
It’s only because you are here
With me and you’re speaking just for me
Break the ice, smash the cold exterior
Defrost me so I can melt for you
Liquify around you
When you cease the spoken word
Is when I cease and fall to pieces
It’s not my fault, I simply can’t find the words
Though the way you’re looking
Says to me that the words don’t matter
but darling, they matter to me
Won’t you look me in the eye?
Ask me a question, tell me what you see
Speak ‘til you can’t possibly speak anymore
Cause the words breathe comfort
and I like the way it tastes
When I inhale the breath you exhale
You fill the air around us with beauty
So please, won’t you look me in the eye?
Let every thought out and paint the air
With the colors of your sparkling spirit
If only rainbows could match your vividness
Just look me in the eye
and tell me something, anything
It doesn’t matter to me ‘cause every syllable
Every little sound is a solemn note
That attributes to the symphony of your soul
How could I utter a word?
I’d only be interrupting your song
Look into my eyes
and you’ll see I can’t do that
Your song is a sanctuary
That saves me from the chaotic state of living
The chaos of my breathing
Won’t you look me in the eye?
Could you possibly deny my simple request?
I’m sure you could but I hope you won’t.


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