The Statue and The Siren

My daily travels take me past a guy
Not much older than I
He stands on the corner
Looking across the street
Three stories up
Within his eyes
Within his stance
I catch a glimpse of love
Infant stages
Not yet blossomed into a flower
I tilt my focus upward to see
A silhouette behind the shades
Her figure has him entranced
I am not sure what it is he sees
Is it possible to love a shadow?

As I head about my business
He wanders into my thoughts
It’s silly
The shady lady should be thinking of him
Upon my way home
I pause for a moment
Expecting to see a trace of him
On the corner that he stood this morning
Pausing to think I hope the day comes
Where he gets exactly what it is he is after

Another early day
The dew and the sounds
Call to me
The city’s song instills a smile
I find myself near his spot again
Earlier than usual
I sit on a nearby bench
and indulge myself
The unhealthy things in life have a hold
A new sensation overcomes me
He is approaching
I am hooked on this
Fascinated by the human condition
Like a part-time statue
He takes his place upon the corner

I glance down at my wrist
There’s still time to be spent here
I look up to see the statue walking away
Something’s happened
In that brief moment I turned away
Eyes tilted upward to see
Her shades drawn open
She must have signaled to him
Or perhaps he took it as a sign
I would like to think that he saw through the shades
Cause she is definitely a vision of beauty
I see her turn towards her door
He must of knocked
She turns her back
Slides to the floor
Out of my view
What is this?
I fully expected a face to face exchange
I hoped to see an embrace between strangers

As much as it pains me
There is business to attend to
I have responsibilities
One last glance upward as I stand
She’s out of view
I hope there are words being sent through the closed-door
My feet now in motion
Onward unto another day
Brain tuned to constant thinking of the statue and the siren

Finally free
I set out with utter urgency
Off in the distance and deep within
I see and I feel that something is not right
Flashing lights go speeding by
My heart skips and hops over a few beats
The city is oddly quiet
Many have come to stand and observe
I push my way through the crowd
The smell of a dying fire
The glow of blue and red lights
The thud of ambulance doors closing
Flesh to metal, signaling the take off
Looking at the scene before me
A lonely tear flows downward
The flashing lights reflected within it
Looking down I realize
Where I stand now, is where he stood
and I wonder what exactly happened here
This cannot be how it ends
I am invested in this and it just fades like this?
Adjusting my feet to align like his once were
I tilt my head up and shut my eyes
Remembering what this place used to look like
Envisioning what it should have looked like tonight
I stand motionless in mourning
As the world around me moves on
The excitement passes and with it the crowd
It all returns to the way it was
The city sings it’s song
I stand in his spot wishing it was different
Her place was doused and extinguished
I whisper to myself
“How did this happen?”

I have become the statue
Through hearing the siren’s song
I take one last look around
Knowing I have to let all this go
I cannot let it hold me or drag me down
The street is normal now
The only proof of what happened here is above
I am a bystander
An oblivious passerby
Just before I turn to walk away
Something beckons me
I follow the invisible path to the unknown
That sweet metallic smell fills my pulsating nostrils
A clanging sound as something hits the pavement
It rolls into view, a bloody kitchen blade
The statue, he has been smashed
What once stood tall across the street
Now lays here, broken
I see the guilt as it spurts from his open wrists
Picking up the knife, I slash the sleeves off of my jacket
Tying tightly around his wounds
Raising this familiar stranger up on his feet
In his eyes I see the truth
and realize he doesn’t want me to call for help
He thanks me and disappears into the night
I should be worried
but I showed him that this world doesn’t have to be cold
I know he knows now
and to think if I had left with the crowd
He would be dying, broken and tortured on the chilly pavement
Instead he has been repaired
The statue recast and rectified
and his love, the siren has ended
like the echoing sound that accompanies the red and blue
Now turned to the off position

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