There’s Nothing Sweet About…

Stories swallowed and held inside the belly of the beast
A population drenched in sorrow, why should we share?
Feeding off false feelings as if we’re fulfilled with the feast
Lost among the seemingly heartless, does anyone even care?
Within this moment, are you dangling
From the metaphorical rope that you hold?
Has it begun to feel like it’s wrapping around and strangling
The life from you?  Do you think it’s time to fold?

Inside of this selfish society, we all wear it loudly
The pain has us all by our tired throats
Your weakness mirrors your strength so wear it proudly
A fine line between pleasure and pain connected like a coat
It all should feel okay, there is no need to unzip
and remove an arm from it’s warm sleeve
We must all find our own pace, not everything can be quick
Listen to me, there is no reason that you should leave

Pull up a seat beside me, I’ll never say I know how you feel
but friend, I can relate and I do want to understand
So I’ll start, I have sat focused on my wrist and the cold steel
Ready, absolutely intent on seeing red trickle down to my hands
Overwhelmed with the feeling that I’m good for nothing
At times the thought of suicide seems so sweet
but I believe we are all meant for something
Our hands are capable of much more than retreat
We all have a story we hold deep within
It’s shrouded by the fear of judgmental open ears
Let me tell you now, what you feel is not a sin
If you need a helping hand, I am here
We all feel lonely at times but we are never alone
Every desire you have and hold lives around a bend
A place where you belong, where love can be shown
So just put down the knife my friend

Years ago I knew this girl, her heart was broken
The cuts along her arm told the tales of mistakes made
He forced himself and the abort button was chosen
She didn’t feel worthy of life so she turned to the blade
I rolled her sleeve down and wiped away her tears
Because of me her heart shined a bit that night
My hand and my words diminished her fears
Despite all that followed I hope she’s doing all right

I promise you, no matter what anyone says to you
Your life is not at all an accidental affair
and all that you feel is not wrong or untrue
Though it may not be apparent, there are those that care
The simple fact that you are breathing
Is not a mistake nor worthless
My gift is what you are reading
I have triumphed over darkness
Though it’s never a far journey
I could easily fall backwards, down the steps
There’s a lot in my life filed under unfortunately
I have fought back and vanquished regrets
Though I will always wonder the reasons
Why my Uncle made the choice to squeeze
His life away, he left before I knew of breathing
The gift he had was tossed into the breeze
I would give ANYTHING to go back in time
and tell him there is always a better way
He threw away a beautiful mind
I just wish that I could show him the light of day

I want YOU to know that life is worth the fight
There is nothing sweet about suicide
Do not be afraid to reach out to someone tonight
Please my friend, do not keep it all inside
I’m aware I can’t but still I want to make it all right
Someone out there cares about you so please don’t hide
I know it’s hard to open up and display it all
If you need someone today, HERE is my hand
I will gladly try to pick you up from your fall
I do want to listen and understand
Listen, there is always a better way
Your life is precious and worth living
The sun shines for you, today is YOUR day
You are strong and you are above quitting.


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