Go wet your whistle, if you must
Play your fiddle but don’t expect a fuss
I am much more than what I allow you to see
When every breath is laced with finality
Can you enjoy the bitter taste of honesty?
I do not need you to poison me further
I’m doing well enough on my own.  Don’t shirt her,
Write your promises in the shining sand
Nature is the only one giving commands
That we must follow, there is no choice
Don’t bother raising your voice
We only hear what we choose to
Which tune do you sing the blues to?
How can that be so bad?
The sky isn’t looking to make you sad
Look up and silently praise your lord
Its not for everyone, an acquired chord
In softened solitude, follow your religion
Don’t preach to me because you think I’m sinning
I see you are much worse off than I
I’m uncomfortable with all the lies
Tainting our hollowing souls like cheap dye
Quietly I disagree, it’s not worth it to try
and explain the way I see it
Your view of everything is shit
Perhaps it’d be better just to quit
But there’s no proof to guide me
I’m a chip so just swiftly slide me

The memories I hold onto are ghosts
and often it all grabs me and chokes
A playing card in the spokes
I’m doing fine taking life from my own lungs
My silence is not to be broken for fun
I stumble as I reach for the next rung
The truth is a song that remains unsung
We are all so misguided and deceptive
We only celebrate when it is festive
You and I take everything for granted
Perception is important but it’s often slanted
Blowing out candles, when we need the fuel
You don’t want to be just a step stool
So tell me why am I yours?
I’m exhausted from the attention whores
Sick of feeling like much of life is a chore

I choose silence over stabbing others with my tongue
Sorry, I don’t see how you can say you’re having more fun
I lack the energy to follow the voice saying RUN
So many need to take a one way trip into the sun
Their words said and their lives done.


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