Realizer Episode 1: Subdue or Pursue

Under the cover of darkness
The young and reckless
She falls over
No one around to hold her hair
She believes no one wants to care
“Life ain’t fair”
If only she knew
It could all fade, her blue
but he doesn’t know what to do
All she wants is a helping hand
but he doesn’t think he can
Uncertainty, nerves
So he hides within the herd
Waiting for the right words

She feels broken
Always perceived to be joking
“Breathing is more like choking.”
To the rest:
She is seen as a mess
Called a pest
Substance abuse, her way of coping
Dreaming hoping
That there is more
That there is someone who doesn’t see a whore
He is scared to open the door
Doubts he is worthy of being happy
Denies his heart, in fear of being perceived sappy

She gives new meaning to alcoholic
Drinks until she gets sick
After the vomit
She doesn’t take the hint
No need for a mint
Everything about her is beautiful to him
He feels like loving her is a sin
In his eyes, her light is far from dim
He drives himself up a wall
She has it all
She is too busy with the abuse
To notice it’s no use
He dreams of a noose
“There’s not a damn thing to gain
Suffocation is the answer to this pain
There’s a reason they are called dreams
In real life those things aren’t seen.”
His torment consumes
His life, a prison-like room
All he feels is gloom
She wants to leave with a boom
Her thoughts lack any real process
Her fractured mind is a mess
She fears dying without knowing a loving caress
The one nighters make her feel worse
“Is this life a curse?”

Twisting and turning, he awakes
He rises and shakes
The dust, “Hello nightfall”
He walks out to the hall
She’s home with an eight-ball
Locked away from the world
He is heading out for a glimpse of the girl
But she is nowhere to be found
Walking turns to stomping the ground
He sits and orders a bowl of chowder
She’s home preparing the powder
He thinks “What’s the point of hope?
I like the idea of a tightening rope.”
He strolls home and she’s knee deep in dope
She’s outside her mind
He searched but didn’t find
Now he places the chair under the noose
She’s really feeling the blues
Her eye spies a shimmer
He has lost the glimmer
She grips the knife
“I’ve had enough of this life
and all its strife.”
With a deep breath he stands
“This is what fate demands
Well if I believed.”
Upon the chair he feels relieved
But then regret consumes, he never achieved
She gazes at the blade
Ready to let life fade
Her mind turns to coherent thoughts
He is feeling so distraught
Both ready to be taught
Both in desperate need of an outsider
He has tried to fight her
She moves the blade to her wrist as a spider
Shimmies down to her hand
Upon the chair he makes his own demand
But a small creature has another plan
He feels the eight legs upon his face
Without thinking he steps down to resume the chase
She puts knife away
“My life doesn’t end today
Thanks little icky spider for showing me the way.”

She makes herself a promise
He decides to continue and not go through with this
He burns the rope
She flushes the dope
Unaware of the struggle that is ahead
The spider’s high doesn’t last, she returns to wishing she was dead
She tries to change, avoids the usual spots
He doesn’t, love can’t be fought
She tries to kick the drugs
And becomes fascinated with bugs
All he wants is her hugs
His pursuit results in nothing
She is fiending for a fix, doesn’t matter what just something
Exhausted lungs, hoarse throat so she is craving a few pills
He thinks of her and still gets chills
Her, his sight hasn’t seen
and she hasn’t graced his dreams
He feels hollow
Nothing to follow
She has no pills to swallow
She has no one to call so
Her fingers dial a random number
He awakes from a deep slumber
He left the ringer loud
The voice he hears shoots him to the clouds
She asks if he has something to numb her
He asks how did she get his number
They both never believed in destiny
but they both know this was meant to be.


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