Realizer Episode 2: Never Into Forever

An unseen line was there all along
and another line was there to prove it
Their separate voices filled each others ears
and in that surreal moment
He felt for the first time that his pursuit
Was never in vain but in his veins
Their similar but divided urge to end
Brought them together

When the separation of singular nights collided
Something new began
Neither was meant to subdue alone
So together they came to struggle onward
With his help and his love she managed
To kick all the substances
It was so much easier than she ever thought
The addictions and afflictions couldn’t dissolve without withdrawals
He rose to every challenge, her very own warrior
The person she could be was shown to him
Within their very first embrace
Like a road-map the image helped guide his every touch
Her demons were strong and intimidating
but still he took them all on
As if they were all merely cockroaches
She became new within his touch and his love
A lifetime of yesterdays fell aside
Their own romantic rebirth
He gave her everything possible
All the little things she never could have
Properly dreamed of lived in his hands
and he passed them all to her
Together they fought and triumphed over darkness
His love, all that makes up who he is
Was transferred to her
and slowly the sowed seeds sprouted and blossomed
but love wasn’t the only thing growing…

He has to stop and just marvel at it
There’s no pavement before him
but the emotions are speeding by
All that he ever wished for
Everything he ever wanted
Is standing there, right in front of him
She’s akin to a skyscraper
So tall and slender and that way she walks
…he is captivated
and it’s fascinating, her height
Yet she’s been so low for so long
but together they’ve remedied that
His presence is a promise of patience
He’ll never give up on her

The tiny spiders brought them together
and they grew wings, flew into one
They stood opposite for what seemed like a lifetime
and it really was
because this life they have now is brand new
The invisible walls of separation
Have become gravel beneath their feet

There were plenty of possible exits
Every moment that turned to another month
He proved that there was nothing that could make him leave her
Every passing minute added to their mountain
Here at the peak, there’s a chance to relax
To revel in what they’ve made together
but her fears and insecurities remain
Surely an everlasting struggle
Still he tries to rid her of these things
Constantly showing her that he is her shelter
and she is always amazed by his patience
“How can you be so great, so perfect to me?”
His reply, though short, floors her
“because you are everything.”
She takes him and melts around him
Unlike any before, she feels divine
A perfectly passionate paradise
She gives and he gives, back and forth in unison
A natural high far beyond the clouds
If this is what heaven is like
Then why should their lives have to end?
After, there’s no need to exchange words
For they have exchanged something beyond the limits of language
Together they blended and proved their shared love
Something that’s felt deeper than bodies could ever go
At ease, they share smiles and close their eyes

She blinks to find herself in dangerous disaster
Running through familiar shadows
Or are the shadows running through her?
Blinded by a reflecting and refracting shimmer
An unmistakable taste tickles her tongue
She hears the soft clatter of her own footsteps
and the increasingly deafening sound of terror
A deep seeded sense of urgency overcomes her
but she’s weak and succumbs to the torch
Her eyes snap open and she’s within his arms
“Darling, it’s all right.  I am here.
You were only dreaming, just a dream.”
She rolls into him as he wipes the water away
Her heart flutters and switches speeds
She’s sweetly soothed by his vibrating heart

Through him, she found the pulse of life
and she truly loves him, which catches her off guard
She never dreamed it was possible
but she has dreamed something and she can’t shake it
It’s been tarnishing things, she’s slipping downward
This dream has cast a shadow upon what should be
A perfect memory
and she must attempt to illuminate the truth of it

She begins trudging down those familiar streets
In an attempt to fish out the murky details
Replaying memories covered in blood and vomit
She doesn’t feel attached to any of these sights
He helped her kick much more than addictions
The places that once seemed like home
Do not any more, he is her home,
and the chemical cuffs no longer hold her down
His love gave her wings
and yet she’s back here, alone
Her thoughts frighten her to the core
Where is this path leading me?
Why couldn’t I have found the strength to tell him?
and why on earth did I come here alone?
An intricately beautiful spider web catches her eye
Collected rain drops, from the earlier showers,
Are sparkling beneath the somber street lights
Is this all I am?
The same web with a little added shine?

He’s beginning to really worry, she left with a kiss
A little distracted touch with no further explanation
She’s never gone for this long
Where could she have run off to?
Though he has become accustomed to waiting
He thought this was behind her
and this is the only time that the waiting has been difficult
He needs her by his side tonight
There’s this lingering feeling he can’t move away from
and so he cries out to her:
“Darling, it’s time to return to me.”

She looks upward, away from the web,
To see a certain star
Shining ever so brightly
It’s as if it is breathing and beating
She can almost hear words shooting through the open air
and her heart begins pounding and pulsing
Something is trying to tell her:
It is time to return home.


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