Realizer Episode 3: Divided, Not Subsided

He knows and can almost see
There’s a fleeting reflection shown
within his blood, the feeling of mortality
A failed attempt to pick up the phone
Startled by the sound of fluttering wings
and now all of his fears fade away
The cards of fate, his life a tiny string
loosening, he envisions her as his memories replay

She is sprinting and her energy is running away
The dark streets become illuminated before her eyes
but not the usual welcoming glow
The alternating red and blue reflects on to her
The commotion and the sirens drown out her screams
She knows even without hearing the news
They try to comfort her
but there is no comfort without him
He always told her that she was his
She loved the way he said MINE
Though now the supports have folded
She feels buried, covered in coal
and the sun shall never be seen again
A spider was crushed, all that’s left is rain

A burst of heated orange light, the stench of
Smoldering wings, the visitor gone in a flash
Mourning has risen with the fall of night
No visible roaring reflection within the glass
Despite eternal stillness he’ll try to help her fight
Now bagged and perhaps thrown in a hole like trash
The colors are dull, the air is flat and empty
It is not at all like they said
A singular plane: two opposing sides, battle aplenty
Whispers, “Look he doesn’t even know that he’s dead.”
Oh but he does, he declined the offer
He’s seeing glimpses of her, the grief and sorrow
“Miss could I trouble you to fill my coffer?”
Somehow out of order, this looks like tomorrow

The scene quiets, this used to feel like home
The rain falls, clamoring on the walls
Here in this hollowness the sound is too much
Her heightened senses prevent true rest
and the memories are loud and torturous
She finds herself aimlessly wandering the wet streets
The soft lights of a towering church
She feels them calling out to her
The doors are old and heavy
She’s frightened by the creaking…
The candle lit sanctuary moves her mind
like entering another world
She recalls that first time with him
and back further to the first spider
She never followed a white rabbit
Perhaps the spiders weave webs with lies
The strands of string are lines of deceit
Whispering aloud: There can’t be such a thing as God.
He wouldn’t allow my love to depart
and leave me high and dry in this raining sorrow.
“Excuse me miss,
perhaps he is testing you with this.
Pain is preparation.
I’m here to listen to your desperation
if you are willing, that is.
Remember it can’t rain every day miss.”
The sincerity in his voice rings true
and she believes his words
but her tongue fails to move in reply
So she runs back through the creaky doors
I’m sorry Father, I just can’t.

The nights grow longer and longer
Her heart barely beating
Its sole purpose torn away
There are no answers for me
No one can help me, the one who could…
He is dead, I thought love was strong
He always said he’d never leave
but he is gone forever
Where are the spiders now?
I need guidance, I need something
The phone rings and she jumps
“Miss, could you come down to the station?
There is something we must discuss.”
Leaving the hollow home is exactly what she needs
except the walk causes her mind to travel

A chilly autumn night, their hands interlocked
“This is what I wanted to show you darling.
We can make this place our home.”
“It is beautiful but I already have a home.
Wherever you are is my home.”
He brings her in closer as they look at the house,
“You do live inside of me but we need a place
Maybe one day we will have another person with us.”
She knows he means well but she just can’t…
“We’ve talked about this honey.
I don’t know if I am capable,
I don’t know if I want kids.”

He can see but he can’t do a thing
It is a brutal kind of torture
The needle doesn’t meet the string
She’s replaying memories and cursing the future
This must be hell, but why?
He wasn’t evil, he wasn’t unkind
“The worst men believe that they were good guys.”
The winged one has returned, “You’re mine.
You cannot and will not escape me boy.”
He tries regardless, there must be a way
Darling I’m coming, I won’t be their toy!
He feels something awful heading towards her today

They are supposed to be experts
but clearly they are not.
“We are not sure what to make of this,
It’s like his body gave out after years of drug abuse
but there’s no evidence of any drugs in his system.”
It is your job to figure this out
Once again she runs from the conflict
and again she expects to find him waiting
but when she opens the door,
It all comes crashing back
Her tears pound the tarnished floor
The wood floors that he was so passionate about
Once so beautiful, now just another reminder
Everything feels wrong, her right took a left
and all she has are memories to revisit
She can’t help but replay all of them
and she can’t help but fall to the floor
He always said that she was strong
Baby you were my strength
and you’re gone, you are beyond gone
and I don’t want, I don’t want anything
I just want you here with me
Won’t you come wake me from this nightmare?
At least tell me what to do
I want to hear your voice again

He’s running through the battlefield of clouds and fire
fueled only by the need to realign with her
There is a way and he is determined through his desire
Meanwhile, the visitor chases trying to deter
The horizon is painted with the vision of the precinct
and the conversations that he hears are confusing
He dodges another fireball with only his instincts
Further in the distance, a light is bruising
the dullness that surrounds his every move
As if a brand new sun is beginning to rise
and as he begins to feel weak, he finds his groove
Awakened by a horrible yet familiar sound, her cries
The gap is closing, he is soon to be caught
but a soft shimmer appears before him like a portal
THERE IT IS!  Darling I’m on my way, Death can be fought!
He goes toward the light, leaping over the last hurdle…

She stands as the room begins to shake
A hand upon her shoulder, she turns to find him
“Darling, I never wanted to leave you
and they tried so hard but I fought them all.
Everything I have ever said, I meant it all.
I will always fight for you.”
She jumps into his arms, speechless
and the kiss shared is like their first
All over again
The taste of tragedy and restored love
Separate hearts beating in unison
An everlasting embrace.


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