A Chapter Called Mistake

There is nothing that can be said
Perhaps oceans are what’s left of broken hearts
Waves mimic the feelings that crash as reminders
He said he was loyal
He fucking said he was as loyal as they come
but can anyone be that loyal?
Now he’s trembling and screaming
but there’s no one around to hear
There’s no one
because she is hurting
and he is guilty
Whispering, shouting thoughts in his mind
“If there ever was a reason to be perfect
It is you.
Darling, I wish I could be perfect just for you.”
He knows the way he is now
Is the very definition of unworthy
She’s away but he knows there’s tears
and he tore the path that her tears take

He’s undeserving of a destiny
Maybe she could forgive but again
He feels so unworthy, he hasn’t earned a damn thing
“Just shut your lying deceptive mouth.”
He stands shouting in the mirror
There’s a punishment that must be placed upon him
but the one that is probably coming
Is the one he would give ANYTHING to avert
“Darling don’t push me away,
I’m weak, oh so weak at times
but you’re the reason to be strong.
How could I forget in that moment?”
He’s talking to her but she’s not available
Not even interested
The waves of memories crashing upon her
Is he destined to be another on the pile?
He doesn’t want to be, NO HE DOESN’T WANT TO BE
but it’s out of his hands
He made his choice and it was wrong
and in turn she’s wronged
“Is there someone out there that can tear this heart out?
I am unworthy of it, smash through my rib cage
and release that which lives inside.
I’ve ignored it, I am undeserving of it’s beating presence.”

It’s all futile
The chapter titled Mistake has been written
and all that’s left are pieces on the floor
He could collect them and put it back together
but it wouldn’t be right
Nothing will ever be right again without her hand
and her hand has become a fist
Sir, fall to your knees and accept what you created
Sir, close your eyes and accept what you destroyed
but he stands with fight in his eyes
“My dear you are worth fighting for
but I need you to tell me what I can do.”
He’ll scream inside while waiting for a response
That may never come
His part of the chapter has been written
The pages are in her hands now
but what will she write?


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