Once Again, I See That This Is Medicinal

Above, the moon’s slightly slivered
but the light’s still brightly delivered
Discovering another day now ended
An actual good day stands befriended
Perhaps concluded would be a better word
Tonight there’s no inner chaos loud enough to be heard
Once again the truth’s light I’ve found
Sometimes I’m stuck with my eyes down
The illusion believed but these walls that surround
Are actually not crashing in on me
and again it feels like the first time I can see
I’m contemplating something new this time
Perhaps I truly need this cycle of mine
All the torture and the day dreams of horrid crimes
The problem is how to decide when to realign
and of course how to find the energy for these lines
I see that I can and will be weak
but that doesn’t mean I’ll break my streak
As long as I’m aware and I fear the relapse
I know I’ll find how to step back and relax
There’s always a reason to keep trying
and there’s always another person lying
If only I could stop seeing it all as surprising
When the sun sets, the moon is rising
The light fades and darkness surrounds
but the dark too shall fade, the moon also falls down
I’m not stuck living through hollow nights
and when I’m shrouded and my chest gets tight
I just have to remind myself that I’m still breathing
and tell myself that like happiness, sadness is fleeting
As long as my lungs, my heart, my mind all maintain
Then I can find how to steady the strain

Today if you find yourself wallowing
I’ll leave these words here, primed for swallowing
Not to say that they should be what you’re following
I just mean who wants to add to another’s hollowing?
We all know that the world has enough jack-o-lanterns
I’ll do what I can to make sure the fire in my heart burns
No need to tread on another, just do what works for you
We all feel false sometimes but that does not mean we are untrue


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