One Hit Wonder

By your side I reach for your hand,
Darling there’s something I want you to understand
There’s a good chance that you already know
but I like making things perfectly clear though
We are both worried about the past repeating
and I promise you that I never intend to be deceiving
I get excited and say things I shouldn’t be,
I don’t mean to be confusing, wish I wouldn’t be

The words I have inside don’t properly align
I don’t trust myself with talking, I find
writing to be the only time I come together
It’s all that makes sense, no matter the weather
I don’t feel satisfied with my words often
The road is tough and I don’t know how to let it soften
It doesn’t feel like I am any good at any of this
but there you are paying close attention, waiting on my kiss

You came to me during a peculiar time
like a firefly lighting up a deep dark coal mine
It was easy to notice how much you sparkle and shine
You gave me a new window to peer at myself through
and all this time I have been doing everything I can do
Yes I have stumbled but I have learned too
You have shown me so much, so fast
No longer do I feel like an empty glass
Though you are far, I feel you here
Though sometimes I am stupid, you remain near

Girl, you dance around my head all day
and I never can find the right words to say
I want to write you a song
One that is catchy and strong
just like you and your distinct melody
I want to sing about you so the world can hear me
I would exaggerate all the details
It could climb the charts and prevail
It could get stuck in heads worldwide
Millions of people you would dance inside
The way you do with me
My one hit wonder it’d be
There’s nothing else to write songs about.
There’s nothing else I rather feel so much about.


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