Sun-Dried Earthworms and Vicious Sandstorms

He sat with his eyes upward, scanning the sky
The brightest of the bright called to him
and he replied with a wish
His sincerity impacted the light
The star blinked as if it heard him
A flash, and he watched it fall from view
The ground shook with a reverberating shock wave
His eyes welled and his heart shattered
The sky was torn apart as his tears trickled
A calming chaos instilling a deep sleep
He fell to sleep as the world itself fell
and neither would ever properly rise again

* * *

After all these months
I now see it all as a mistake
They always told me, “Be careful what you wish for.”
I don’t know how I survived
While the flesh of this world was melted away
Now the black on these windows is fading
and I’m here talking to myself
True loneliness, that is me
I never really liked many but now
I am actually craving companionship
The problem with my current kind of conversation is
I know the replies before they are released
I long for a true debate
With actual well thought out counters
but no, I am stuck here banging on table tops
and cursing this new kind of melting
Darkness is giving way once again
and my skin crawls because it is terrified

I know that this is all… punishment
I got what I wanted
but now, I want something else
Though look what wishing got me last time.
I begged the dark night sky
and condemned the holes that are full of light
It is the same
Except the light is coming for me.

My heart skips a beat
“LET ME IN. My skin is burning.”
Could it be? Every wish comes true for me…
I open the door to see a man,
His dark trench coat smoldering
We talked for what seemed like days
Only stopping to gather up everything
The enemy beamed through the blackened windows
My safe haven, slowly becoming dangerous

“I saw a building further out.
We might be able to make it, if we move quick.”
So we can’t bring everything then?
How far do you think it is?
“Maybe a quarter mile west?
Didn’t look like there are many windows.
So we should be safe there.”

Out of the corner of my eye,
I see him smirk before we depart
A rather devious, unfriendly grin
but choices are hard to come by
I ruined that part of life
Hell, I destroyed life period.
We run through the wasteland of my design
Into a building I don’t remember noticing before
Our clothing ignited half way there
The ground feels like fire beneath every step
I slow to remove the flaming clothing
Unaware I am doing it until I stumble
and fall over the remains of a helpless soul
That died for MY selfish wish.
To my surprise, my new friend picks me up
and I return to these fragile feet
“Don’t give up! The end’s in sight!”
I’m too exhausted to chuckle at that odd choice of words
He bursts through the door into the promise of safety
and we find the deceitful darkness waiting for us
He bars the door shut and we split up
In search of whatever truth lives here
The truth within the darkness

A swift left then I make a rigid right
To the slightly ajar door at the end of the hall
It seems to shimmer and I hear a tiny voice
but not quite, only an inaudible whisper
I open the door to find myself
Face to face
With a man I haven’t seen in years
Or so it seems…
My reflection is no different than I remember
but it’s strange, my face
Like it’s glowing under some fluorescent light
and it becomes crystal clear when she says,
“Here are your dailies, now swallow.
And let me see?”
As it all fades into view
and I am shown the truth,
I fall backwards into the darkness
The guilt from my wish returns
and I forget the truth once again.

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