The Only Star In My Sky

Will you let me put it all out on the table?
You say we’re opposites and that you aren’t so stable
but I don’t want a perfect oh so perfect perfection
and I don’t need or want you to be like a reflection
Can I be the hand that you hold so tight
and the voice that says it’s all right
Let my arms be your warmth and safety
There is no definitely but plenty of maybe
Do you know you smear smiles
upon my face that reach for miles?
I feel so much that it’s difficult to compile
and make perfect sense of in my head
and sometimes I feel like much is left unsaid
You’ve increased my own confidence
Life is a blessing and you are my presents
Wrapped up so sweetly, in an air of kindness
and perhaps there I have a sort of blindness
but I still see, I still feel
Your affections and attention heals
and raises me up out of the deep holes
Your presence brushes off the dirt and coal
Darling, I love looking at myself through your eyes
Yes it’s been tough but I still have the will for more tries

It’s universal to say the feelings reside in the heart
and it is rather romantic
Though I don’t agree, you don’t just live in one part
so place me under skeptic
because I see that as far too limited
So just look into my eyes and see
It’s more than my heart you’ve visited
You shine onto me and beam through me

and my dear, I understand your hesitation
I know I am intense, it’s not my intention
It’s all simple to say but not simple to hear
I feel a lot and I don’t mind your fears
I am also afraid, but I try to focus elsewhere
Life isn’t, but you, you are so very fair
I want you to keep me close and I will do the same
You keep me up and this, you and I, feels like fame
Your eyes are my bright lights
and mine shine for you, just right
Our separate lives may be dark and loud
but together we can escape the crazy crowds
Let’s just pretend we are people designed perfectly
sharing simple things and perfect moments, discreetly

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