My Enveloping Reflection

Last year, after a rough couple days dealing/reliving a fairly distant memory I had to step outside myself and look around a little.  I had just written the poem that would later be titled “A Single Shard” and while I wrote it I had one of those moments of clarity.  I had convinced myself that dwelling on things was the proper protocol and perhaps it is for some things but it can’t be the rule of thumb for everything.  So I set out to try to find a different way and that is what my ebook “My Enveloping Reflection” is about.

It’s a very honest yet somewhat artistic look at things in my life.  Both present and past with a hope for the future.  There are quite a few subtle moments within that may be apparent to some but not all.  Some personal things that I have come out and said point blank in the past but I find that some mystery is a good thing.  I think I do that quite well.

I chose today to release it because of my friend Josh.  He passed away a little over 8 years ago and it wasn’t until last year that I truly felt like I had fully dealt with the whole thing.  Today would have been his 26th birthday.  There’s no mention of him within MER because it’s not about him.  It’s about me living and finding how to live.  Releasing it today is my way of showing him that I am grateful, that he still inspires me and in a sort of way this book is me saying “I won’t, I don’t have to go out that way.”  I think he showed me that the substance abuse, the alcohol abuse leads to only one thing.  It took me a long time to see that.  To really see that truth and embrace it.  Maybe you, whoever you are that is reading this, are someone who has one of those addictive personalities, let My Enveloping Reflection be proof that no one has to be a slave to whatever your vice is.  Though it’s not a how-to manual type thing, it’s my own venting expression.  This was written for myself, it’s how I deal with things.

I don’t exactly want to explain too much of what I wrote about within MER, I think it speaks for itself and I am very proud of it.  To the people that have been following along since I started this project, sorry it took so long.  There was no other way.  And thanks again to Mike DeWolf for the lovely cover art. 🙂

Without further rambling here it is:

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If you experience any sort of issues, please let me know.  Also for mobile users’ convenience:

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