E is for Emotions and A is for Aligned

Will you..
Write me words in the waves
Satisfy all that I can crave
Whisper softly “please behave”
Please hold me so I can’t fade

Emotions rhymes with oceans
We can surf them together
Emotion rhymes with devotion
We can hold no matter the weather
At least that’s the belief inside of me
The one I hold on to, the one I want to see

So please, come dance with me in my dreams
As one, we are together somewhere inbetween
Awake and asleep, or so it seems
Behind my eyes my belief beams
and shines like the aurora of your life
and it’s bright like my heart’s light

We are lighthouses aligned
though most won’t ever… they will never see
They are all too blind
and severely unkind
It feels as if we’re beyond their definitions of reality


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