Valuable Verbs

Let me be
Let me breathe
Their words feel like hands
Coarse hands wrapped around my throat
and their eyes are the fingernails
Neglected filthy fingernails dug into my skin
My ears are susceptible and sensitive
and my mind focuses in on the replay button
Even though I am fully aware their words have no meaning
It’s the equivalent of passing gas
Just a sound to notify ears that something nasty lurks
Except most believe their words are
more like those flashing signs that read APPLAUSE

We all want that praise
So desperate for recognition
Stringing any words, any old words together
The weather becomes a victim of our need to agree
and all those silly stereotypes are strewn across the floor
Like numbers written on the pavement
Step forward into the hopscotching small talk
but all your joking makes me think of another use for that chalk
Wait… was that too much?

Kill the useless words, leave nothing left of them
but you see, the words aren’t inherently¬†useless
You make them that way
Have you ever felt useless?
That’s how the words feel when they touch the tip of your tongue
and I wonder how you feel when I don’t acknowledge your words
You must think they are all so invaluable
My ears don’t agree, they’ll never agree

I much rather waste my breath on a cigarette
Than speak the words I would like to speak
Because too many are far too busy listening to themselves
and I will always be wishing for them to swallow their words
Yes there are a select few I wish would choke
I find it strange how those with unwavering confidence
are the ones that waste it


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