In Eyesight, My Light

There’s something I see in your eyes
Like a message that just can’t find its way into words
Like an invisible object dancing on the air
There’s a feeling felt that surpasses words
It is more than any words could describe
and I don’t want to put a word to it

People talk of wonders of the world
As if nothing can compare
That’s what you are to me

and sometimes I feel like other things in my world
Are losing the glow that they once had
The Earth is spinning around the Sun
No it won’t break from its axis
and like the Earth I’m fixated
and like the Sun you shine so bright
Forget for a second that this is poetry
and believe me when I say that you can break through the clouds
The things and the people that cover your light
I am a better version of myself than I was when you came in
I am better because of how you’ve shown me the way I look in your eyes
Those beautiful eyes
Those enchanting eyes of yours
Keep those eyes on me


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