Recognition: A little idea that could change a lot

I don’t know about anyone else but it does seem that things are getting out of control.  What am I thinking about, you ask?  Let me ask you a question first; What is the quickest and most certain way of attaining worldwide fame and recognition?

We find ourselves in a peculiar time, the digital age, where anything and everything is just a click away.  Legal or otherwise.  Then there’s that little thing known as Social Media, which has such an immediately noticeable draw.  Connectivity.  No matter what you are into there’s someone just a click away to talk to.  Which seems all well and good but there’s a fine line.

It appears that the only connections most know of is the one that enables them to plug-in and broadcast whatever it may be that they wish to broadcast.  There are people everywhere suffering and they find it so easy to share that hurt but it doesn’t seem to be in a constructive way.  There’s too much passive aggressive sharing inside of this tool that is awkwardly titled Social Media.  For every person out there trying to do something creative or constructive there are 20 more using it all as a way to vent at and abuse people.  I don’t understand how we can view this digital connectivity as something it is not.  We are all connected.  Digitally and physically.

Now to answer my own question from earlier: the easiest way to be recognized in this world is to become a villain.  I don’t know about anyone else but I am incredibly sick of seeing murderers plastered all over the place.  Someone unloads a gun upon innocent bystanders and turns the gun on themselves and voila!  Instant fame and this sick sort of praise.  I realize it is not meant to be praise but look around.  IT IS PRAISE.  Okay we all love to hate the villain, I mean Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight is something worth talking about again and again.  But that is fiction.  I think the line between reality and fantasy is blurring more by the hour.

I’m not saying that news outlets shouldn’t report on these tragedies.  They absolutely should but I don’t think it should be plastered on the front page of every newspaper or at the top of every news website.  I believe the way we speak of these incidents and allow “journalists” display them is encouraging more tragedies.  And it always seems that they leave out or overlook the good in these stories.  The people that sacrifice themselves for another person in the face of the terror.  Those people aren’t recognized or even mentioned.  If my life was directly impacted by one of these such events I know I wouldn’t want to see the face of the person that took a loved one’s life all over the news.  How does this sort of thing go on without anyone raising their voice?

I think it would be far better for everyone if we encouraged people to look on the brighter side of things.  Could we focus on the stories of the heroes that jumped in front of a person with a gun to save someone else’s life instead of the person behind the gun?  Why do you think depression is such a common thing?  Turn the TV on and there’s always some story about something horrible happening.  We all need hope and there’s stories that could and would boost people’s faith in humanity but instead we always focus on the villain, on the people not worthy of the attention.  We should focus on the people raising money to build 26 playgrounds across the state of Connecticut in memory of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.  If all we see is the bad in people then it’s not all that shocking that so many find it easy to open fire on their fellow man.

I know I would find it incredibly beneficial to walk by a newsstand and see hopeful stories on the front page and I think you would too.  I am well aware that this post probably won’t reach the people I wish it would but that’s not the point here.  I wrote this because I felt I had to, I can’t keep it inside anymore and as I tap these last few keys on this keyboard I absolutely feel relieved.  If you read every word I wrote here, I hope you realize that I am glad you did.  Thank you.  And if you live in the US, I hope you have a happy Memorial Day.  Remember something good today.


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