New eBook available now…

Armorless and Afraid is now available for your reading pleasure, look to the dedicated page via the link above or use the links listed below.  However if you have yet to read my first eBook I would encourage you to do so before reading Armorless, what I’m doing here is a series of sorts.  I think each stands on their own but it is my intention that one reads MER before Armorless.  Armorless and Afraid is very much like a My Enveloping Reflection part 2, I just didn’t want the the titles to be so redundant and each of these collections is quite different.

My Enveloping Reflection is about figuring out how to move forward and what moving forward means to me while Armorless and Afraid is about moving forward and dealing with obstacles that presented themselves after I made a choice to change.  Specifically these books are about self-inflicted abuse and trying to put an end to it by looking at myself objectively and truthfully as I write these words I’m in a much better mental state than I was when I began writing these 2 books.  My life very well may be the best it’s ever been.

MER was released last September and I am still really pleased with how it was received by those that read it and right now it is available as a free download via Amazon.  It is free until August 5th and you don’t need an actual Kindle to view it, there are Kindle Reading Apps for your smartphone and PC.  Armorless and Afraid is available on Amazon for the low price of $0.99 as well as a free PDF from my blog direct to you.  No strings, spyware free and of course additive free.  The PDF, like the Kindle options, is readable on most devices.  There are PDF viewer apps available for your smartphone and of course there’s Adobe Reader (also free) for your PC.

The wonderful covers as well as the banner for my blog were designed by Mike DeWolf.  Thanks again Mike!

Thank you to all that take the time to read what I write.  I appreciate it more than you know.  The future is bright for those that continue to follow along with what I do here.  Let’s just say my friend Axis has quite the story to share with you.  And there may be other surprises coming before the year is out.



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