Follow Me Through A Daydream

Eyes open, all else closing
For a time, you’re all mine

We’re just waking but for most this is the middle
Twenty past two
I watch as your eyes open slowly
and you stretch
I can’t and I won’t hold back the smile
Don’t be nervous, wrap those arms around me
I’m here with you to be with you
and right now there’s nothing else in the world
It’s all quieted
Your breathing is the only sound I can hear
It’s the only sound I want to hear
When my brain drifts, it doesn’t drift far
I can’t escape you
I don’t want to

Days pass by like tiny droplets evaporating from a glass
You sit and let me brush your hair
While you put your makeup on
I don’t think you need it
but I’ve already told you that a few times
I see you glance at me through the mirror
Such soft soothing laughter
The brush falls from my hand and my lips find your rosy cheek
Left cheek
My arms wrap around the back of the chair
You feel right in my arms, no more moving
No more wanting, I have you
I fell for you some two years ago
and I finally have you where I want you
We’re no longer lost in long distance
You’re right here with me
I’m right here with you

Aleks, the sun is setting outside
Take my hand and walk beside me
Interlocked tenderness
We walk softly and slowly
There’s your laughter again
I’m shaking my leg around and hopping a little
There’s a rock in my shoe
No I don’t want to stop
Here with you every day is Saturday
There is no face I’d rather see
No better person I could dream of

We lay down in bed and I hold you tightly
Don’t worry your pretty head dear
I’ll be here when you wake up
We still have time together
Two weeks, for two weeks I’m all yours
No one else even exists to me
For two weeks you’re my whole world
For two weeks you are all there is
and when I go, promise that you won’t forget
I don’t want to forget this time with you
and I don’t want you to forget either

I write this before September
and I’m aware it could end up being different
Just know that there’s no one else that I’d travel five thousand miles for
Not another hug in the world I’d travel across the world for
No other eyes I’d travel five thousand miles to look into
I sit here writing this wishing you were here
Aleks my life feels better with you in it
and I can’t wait to see you
You belong on my mind and in my arms
I can’t wait to finally have the latter
I can’t wait to finally have you all to myself


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