Often I think about how dull my blog is, I have this platform and yet I use it far too sparingly.  I struggle with it because what am I going to write about?  My daily life is fairly unexciting but it works for me then again you can’t spell routine without the letters in the word ruin.  And I find taking the time to make small writing updates a tad on the boring end.  Unless there’s some shred of something there, like a release date.  Over the past few weeks I’ve really been looking around and seeing how other people present themselves and their writing online and I’m really seeing the importance of the blog.  But once again I’m thinking “well what the hell am I going to write about on the blog that is worth reading?  Shouldn’t the art speak for itself?”

Yesterday I found my answer.  I’ve released two poetry collections in eBook format and what does everyone that takes the time to share their thoughts with me say?  It always comes back to how honest I am in the poetry.  So naturally I had one of those DUH moments, write blog posts about what you want to write about dummy!  Like Nike says: Just Do It.

I’ve been reading quite a bit into self publishing/indie authors and I’m picking up certain things but like most avenues of artistic expression these days there is no right way or wrong way.  Truthfully all the time I’ve spent doing this on my own, I’ve just been doing.  There is no real plan or anything.  Like last year with the first eBook, I just ran with it.  I had no idea what to expect or what to do, I just did it.  I’m pleased with the results and I’ve learned a lot from it.  Let’s put it this way, in about a year there have been close to 300 downloads of that first eBook and honestly it could probably be a lot more if I more intense about the promotion of it.  However I can’t stand the way most people handle “online promotion” or whatever you want to call it.  I think my blog is lifeless but the endless tweets and posts about a person’s new book or CD or crowd funding effort is probably the most robotic thing people do these days.  Skynet is pleased with you.  I am not and I refuse to be like that because that is hammering a person with your product so much that they finally cave in and give you money.  I’m not going to shove anything down anyone’s throat.  Perhaps I am looking at it all wrong but I just don’t feel comfortable or correct about “promoting” myself like that.

As for the new eBook?  I believe the download count is around 50 which I am pleased with.  I had fun putting this one together and releasing it.  I do believe this one is a lot harder to read, it sure is for me.  It’s really overwhelming in some places but it’s all things I had to get out of myself and many said after reading the first that they liked the honesty, that gave me the strength to put these darker things down on paper.  The new book doesn’t reflect how I feel these days, I’d actually go as far as saying that how I feel now is the best I’ve felt about living.  Sobriety is absolutely the weirdest, most difficult and most fulfilling decision I’ve made for myself in my life.

So Ed, tell us what’s next!!

I have quite a few things going at the moment but the next thing you’ll be reading by me is a short story entitled Deserve.  It’s a ghost story and that’s all I can really say without giving away the surprises.  I hate when a focal point of the story is revealed prior to its release, something that is displayed as a twist within the actual story but beforehand the creators make it seem like it’s the basis of the plot so I won’t be doing that here.  And I’m aiming for an October release because what kind of person would I be if I shared the story AFTER Halloween? 😉


Thank you for reading and remember that not everyone on the internet is honest and true.  It’s scary out there, please be careful.


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