Is it a flat-line or a tumble-weed?

What you can’t see from looking at this blog is pile of unfinished, partially developed writing projects that were born over the past year or so.  I’ve read a lot about writing from various sources on the internet.  There are so many people out there helping one another but the problem is most talk/write with such confidence that it’s hard to remember it’s advice.  I suppose that’s just humanity seeping in because most don’t want to be seen as someone who doesn’t know what they are doing and/or talking about.

I have the ability and the knowledge to write fiction and I have flexed that muscle and developed that muscle over the past year.  What I wasn’t expecting is how much I’ve had to learn how I write.  It’s not about learning to write or how this or that works, it’s about how I work.

Ideas are a dime a dozen and an idea is only one piece of the puzzle.  It’s like the punctuation of a sentence, just because there is a period doesn’t mean a sentence came before it.  It could just be a dot or a mole or a pimple.  For example, the story I’m entrenched in now was born from a dream I had at least a year ago.  When I woke I wrote this fractured poem that sat on my hard drive and my mind until it clicked with other components to form a world and a coherent story.  Maybe after it’s out there in the wild I will talk about it more.

It’s exciting how close to finished it is…



Excerpt sooner, probably.


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