Follow Me Through A Daydream

Eyes open, all else closing
For a time, you’re all mine

We’re just waking but for most this is the middle
Twenty past two
I watch as your eyes open slowly
and you stretch
I can’t and I won’t hold back the smile
Don’t be nervous, wrap those arms around me
I’m here with you to be with you
and right now there’s nothing else in the world
It’s all quieted
Your breathing is the only sound I can hear
It’s the only sound I want to hear
When my brain drifts, it doesn’t drift far
I can’t escape you
I don’t want to

Days pass by like tiny droplets evaporating from a glass
You sit and let me brush your hair
While you put your makeup on
I don’t think you need it
but I’ve already told you that a few times
I see you glance at me through the mirror
Such soft soothing laughter
The brush falls from my hand and my lips find your rosy cheek
Left cheek
My arms wrap around the back of the chair
You feel right in my arms, no more moving
No more wanting, I have you
I fell for you some two years ago
and I finally have you where I want you
We’re no longer lost in long distance
You’re right here with me
I’m right here with you

Aleks, the sun is setting outside
Take my hand and walk beside me
Interlocked tenderness
We walk softly and slowly
There’s your laughter again
I’m shaking my leg around and hopping a little
There’s a rock in my shoe
No I don’t want to stop
Here with you every day is Saturday
There is no face I’d rather see
No better person I could dream of

We lay down in bed and I hold you tightly
Don’t worry your pretty head dear
I’ll be here when you wake up
We still have time together
Two weeks, for two weeks I’m all yours
No one else even exists to me
For two weeks you’re my whole world
For two weeks you are all there is
and when I go, promise that you won’t forget
I don’t want to forget this time with you
and I don’t want you to forget either

I write this before September
and I’m aware it could end up being different
Just know that there’s no one else that I’d travel five thousand miles for
Not another hug in the world I’d travel across the world for
No other eyes I’d travel five thousand miles to look into
I sit here writing this wishing you were here
Aleks my life feels better with you in it
and I can’t wait to see you
You belong on my mind and in my arms
I can’t wait to finally have the latter
I can’t wait to finally have you all to myself

E is for Emotions and A is for Aligned

Will you..
Write me words in the waves
Satisfy all that I can crave
Whisper softly “please behave”
Please hold me so I can’t fade

Emotions rhymes with oceans
We can surf them together
Emotion rhymes with devotion
We can hold no matter the weather
At least that’s the belief inside of me
The one I hold on to, the one I want to see

So please, come dance with me in my dreams
As one, we are together somewhere inbetween
Awake and asleep, or so it seems
Behind my eyes my belief beams
and shines like the aurora of your life
and it’s bright like my heart’s light

We are lighthouses aligned
though most won’t ever… they will never see
They are all too blind
and severely unkind
It feels as if we’re beyond their definitions of reality

The Only Star In My Sky

Will you let me put it all out on the table?
You say we’re opposites and that you aren’t so stable
but I don’t want a perfect oh so perfect perfection
and I don’t need or want you to be like a reflection
Can I be the hand that you hold so tight
and the voice that says it’s all right
Let my arms be your warmth and safety
There is no definitely but plenty of maybe
Do you know you smear smiles
upon my face that reach for miles?
I feel so much that it’s difficult to compile
and make perfect sense of in my head
and sometimes I feel like much is left unsaid
You’ve increased my own confidence
Life is a blessing and you are my presents
Wrapped up so sweetly, in an air of kindness
and perhaps there I have a sort of blindness
but I still see, I still feel
Your affections and attention heals
and raises me up out of the deep holes
Your presence brushes off the dirt and coal
Darling, I love looking at myself through your eyes
Yes it’s been tough but I still have the will for more tries

It’s universal to say the feelings reside in the heart
and it is rather romantic
Though I don’t agree, you don’t just live in one part
so place me under skeptic
because I see that as far too limited
So just look into my eyes and see
It’s more than my heart you’ve visited
You shine onto me and beam through me

and my dear, I understand your hesitation
I know I am intense, it’s not my intention
It’s all simple to say but not simple to hear
I feel a lot and I don’t mind your fears
I am also afraid, but I try to focus elsewhere
Life isn’t, but you, you are so very fair
I want you to keep me close and I will do the same
You keep me up and this, you and I, feels like fame
Your eyes are my bright lights
and mine shine for you, just right
Our separate lives may be dark and loud
but together we can escape the crazy crowds
Let’s just pretend we are people designed perfectly
sharing simple things and perfect moments, discreetly

One Hit Wonder

By your side I reach for your hand,
Darling there’s something I want you to understand
There’s a good chance that you already know
but I like making things perfectly clear though
We are both worried about the past repeating
and I promise you that I never intend to be deceiving
I get excited and say things I shouldn’t be,
I don’t mean to be confusing, wish I wouldn’t be

The words I have inside don’t properly align
I don’t trust myself with talking, I find
writing to be the only time I come together
It’s all that makes sense, no matter the weather
I don’t feel satisfied with my words often
The road is tough and I don’t know how to let it soften
It doesn’t feel like I am any good at any of this
but there you are paying close attention, waiting on my kiss

You came to me during a peculiar time
like a firefly lighting up a deep dark coal mine
It was easy to notice how much you sparkle and shine
You gave me a new window to peer at myself through
and all this time I have been doing everything I can do
Yes I have stumbled but I have learned too
You have shown me so much, so fast
No longer do I feel like an empty glass
Though you are far, I feel you here
Though sometimes I am stupid, you remain near

Girl, you dance around my head all day
and I never can find the right words to say
I want to write you a song
One that is catchy and strong
just like you and your distinct melody
I want to sing about you so the world can hear me
I would exaggerate all the details
It could climb the charts and prevail
It could get stuck in heads worldwide
Millions of people you would dance inside
The way you do with me
My one hit wonder it’d be
There’s nothing else to write songs about.
There’s nothing else I rather feel so much about.

Loose-Leaf Belief

You seem to believe that you are broken
The past is part of you
but it’s not all you are
I’ll never say you’re broken
I see a work in progress
Yet I believe you to be similar to a masterpiece
I want to see, I want to know
Show me the fragments of your shattered
and hurt heart
Will you allow me to try
and glue it all together?

I can’t promise that I can mend you
Promises are foreshadowings
and I’m unsure of my abilities
I’m not too sure of too much
but I’m positively certain that my heart
Beats differently to you, for you
Give me your hand and I will show you
All the while embracing those enchanting eyes
If you’ll pinch me, I’ll pinch you
So we both know it’s so very real

Let’s wash the past away
I’ll turn to a new page in your book
If you’ll do the same for me
and we will walk beneath the night sky
I’ll watch as you glance up at the stars
but darling I don’t have to look up
I’ve found the only star I wish to gaze upon
There’s plenty of light beaming from you
Whatever universe you reside in
Is exactly the solar system I wish to travel to
Would you mind if I wrote poetry just for you?
I’ll write little haiku’s on the mirror
Scattering sweet smiles all around
Could I please sing you to sleep?
and I’ll drift off afterwards
The simple sight of you at rest
Would ease me, so now please tell me
How would you feel about waking up to me?
Who needs the sun when I’ll be seeing you first thing?
Running my hand through your hair
As we share last night’s dreams…

Sparkle Seeker

Turn your glance upward
I’m giving this all I have
Watch as I shape the clouds into little notes
Little lovely lists
For you and your reading pleasure
Every word means so much to me
Darling, it’s just the reflection of your meaning
Don’t fret, I’ll know when you read
’cause I will feel the sunlight
In an extra soothing way like the way of your smile
and then I’ll doodle into the fluffy fog
’cause I’ll forget what words are
It’s only the effect of beauty such as yours
So smile sweetly, I want to feel your luscious light
Let yourself shine, let yourself sparkle
Through my eyes your light is everlasting
It seeps into my pores
and burns out the darkness within

I can’t help the feeling
That overwhelming sense of hopelessness
My heart beats a song titled useless
but your shimmer composes a brighter song
If I parted the sea using only my heart
Would you welcome me with open arms?
and if I traversed treacherous territories to get to you
Would you take me by the hand
and speak something pretty just for me?
Anything you have to say would do the trick
because the words you say resonant with beauty

When night falls and the sky is clear
Look up, I have adjusted the stars
I’ve connected them in a pattern just for you
You’ll know which ones by their increased illumination
My heart may feel useless now but for some reason
I strongly believe that you could pump a use
A new meaning into it, into me
If I said it was all I wanted
Would you sit beside me in a field
Stargazing ‘til our clothes are drenched with dew?
With your hand in mine, I believe
I really do think that the entirety of the world would feel correct

What if I shaped the sky just for you?
What if I wrote your name in the sky
So that everyone would know I did it all for you?